October 28, 2021
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Crescent City Kings Head to Oklahoma

The Crescent City Kings are a developmental football team in the Gridiron Developmental Football League(GDFL), based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Through community involvement, hard work and a professional approach on and off of the field, the Crescent City Kings are one of the most respected developmental sports teams in the country. This team’s athleticism has already drawn much praise and awareness to the Kings on a larger scale. When I spoke to Coach Frederick Washington, he took great pride in saying that they are one of the best teams in the GDFL and are ranked at number 10 in the country. Which is why the Kings have already been invited to play in the Semi Pro Elite Bowl, this upcoming January 2018 which will be held in New Orleans.

 After falling short of a National Championship last season, the Kings have made the necessary adjustments and are back in the playoffs to reclaim the victory. Coach Frederick Washington knows it won’t be easy but believes they can get it done.

When I asked Coach Washington to tell me who is standing out he had an extended list. He mentioned quarterback Jyron Walters, who is 6’2”, and said he is intelligent and has only thrown 3 interceptions the whole season. Williams has passed for over 2,000 yards! Wide receiver, Kenneth Dabney, is also a game changer. Bush holds the Crescent City Kings down as lead rusher. Coach Washington said, “the offense has been real productive averaging almost 30 points.”

Coach Washington is not just a coach, he is a mentor and when he sees individuals with potential, he pushes them to be great! He said he knows that some of his players are talented enough to advance to the next level and can play in any league as far as arena goes. He has three athletes that standout and can play in the Canadian Football League. Those players are Kenneth Dabney, Shaun Jones and Keywan Bullock. Coach says these players need to be a little more polished to go to the NFL but the CFL would be the perfect opportunity for them to receive a lot more training, as far as technique. Their goal as an organization is to get guys prepared so that they are ready and can compete on the next level.

The Crescent City Kings have the number one defense in their league! Therefore, I had to speak to lead linebacker Shaun Jones who said, “we have a do or die weekend ahead of us.” He said it was a disappointment to lose last year; they started out bad and had some guys get hurt but this year he feels like they have a stronger team and should be able to pull it off. Shaun’s focus is to win a championship. As Coach Washington expressed, Shaun is Canadian Football League material and he would love to one day play for the CFL. Shaun said “the Kings have given me the platform to get more exposure by helping out with the New Orleans Saints and with different camps. I’m just trying to do my part by playing the game.” He said the Kings are a team looking for great players to come in and that are dedicated to giving 110%. This team is not a just a wake up and play ball team; they put in time and the Kings put in work. He explained that they help the community and the Kings’ coaches put in the effort to get them back in school. “It’s not like we’re here to just play ball; they want us to know that we have more to offer. Everyone is given the opportunity to come out and showcase their talent but you must be disciplined and committed” said Shaun. It’s the small things that keep them going!

The Kings remain optimistic and will be heading over to Oklahoma for the semi-finals this weekend. This Saturday, August 12, the Kings will be facing off with the Thunder which is one of the top teams in the country. Coach Frederick Washington has a talented group of men and if they play Kings’ ball they will return to the championship game once again. HAIL KINGS!

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