October 28, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Axel Varela

Twitter: @younginmercey

Find Axel on twitter: @_axelva

3 star prospect, Axel Varela is a 6’1, 210 lbs TE from Kenner Discovery High School in Kenner, LA. The embellished upcoming senior was invited to the NUC All American game to play TE, received the Leadership Camp MVP award at the USMC Sports Leadership Academy Camp, and was ranked the 23rd best TE in the state. His maturity and variability (ability to play TE, FB, and HB) and the amazing leadership qualities his team has entrusted in him, (being named captain two consecutive years in a row) Varela brings more than just football talent to any field he graces.

When was your first time playing football?

  • Since 5 years old but started at 9 years old at playground like rec ball with pads

Why did you start playing football?

  • I first wanted to try something new and I remember the first practice I ever had and I fell in love

What would you say your strengths are, specifically in your position?

  • Being able to play multiple positions (TE, FB, HB) on my team also I am a two year captain and my leadership helps on and off the field

Who would you say is your biggest supporter?

Varela is named MVP of the USMC Sports Leadership Academy Camp
  • My mom, she helps me through whatever and helps whenever I need something. She always takes me to camps and where I need to go for football

How do you feel your teammates would describe you?

  • They would say I’m hardworking, focused, have leadership skills, and always help no matter what on and off the field

Where have you seen the most growth in your play?

  • From last year to now I know that I have progressed because I was comparing film from last year to now and I’m more focused. I have also trained more

What are your goals going into next year/after college?

  • Doing better than last year, showing more leadership, carrying my team knowing they’re counting on me to win games

If you had to give advice to someone who looks up to you or someone who is playing your position what would it be?

  • Anything is possible through hard work and dedication and it doesn’t matter where you start but how you finish

What have you learned the most from playing football?

  • You have to be focused and have strength and know that your teammates are counting on you no matter what

Do you prefer a defensive or offensive game? Why?

  • I prefer defense because it helps stop the ball and prevents the other team from scoring

Varela received his first offer from Louisiana College earlier this year and is confident that he will receive even more by the end of his senior year. Sporting leadership qualities and the ambition and drive to want to learn more in any way he can, Varela stands out against all other competition and demands attention from onlookers.