November 29, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Braelen Morgan

In this edition of Diamond in the Rough, I will be highlighting 1st team all-district athlete Braelen Morgan from Catholic High School. The electric running back/return man is a 4-star prospect who measures in at 5’8 and 165lbs with a 4.47 forty while maintaining a 2.9 GPA. Along with football, Braelen stars on the track as a sprinter, earning three state champions in that regard. On the gridiron he is a big play waiting to happen! His combination of speed, footwork, and vision make him a nightmare in space. The array of moves and cuts in his arsenal often leave defenders on their knees empty-handed. Out the backfield he displays soft hands and is deadly on screen plays. Even with his small stature, he will lower his shoulder and get the tough yards when called upon. As a person, Braelen has an infectious positive energy about him. As soon as our conversation started, he had smile a that stretched from ear to ear and held it throughout the whole conversation. To learn more about him, you can take a look at our conversation below.



When did you first get involved in football?

  • I first got involved in football when I was five years old. I started playing because of my brother— I always wanted to be like my brother. Like Its just crazy. Me and my brother have been close since we were kids. So anything he did I always wanted to do it. I was either mad that I couldn’t do it, or happy that I could. I’m two years younger than him so when he first started playing I had to wait. I used to be so mad an always say I wanted to play too, but I went to every game and supported him. He wore the number two at first, so when I got the chance to play, I had to get number one! And when he eventually switched to number one, I had to keep number one because of him. He plays safety at ULL now.

Why do you still play football?

  • I still play football because I love it. I love it! I’d have to say it’s my peace. I can have a lot on my mind, but when I go to football practice all of that goes away an I’m just having fun.

Which side of football do you feel is more important? Mental or Physical?

  • The mental. Because growing up I was taught that if you put your mind to it, you can do it. Most people don’t know what that means, but its actually true. Before you can do anything physically you have to have your mind set on it. For example, if you go in the weight room and put 225lbs on the bar for the bench press. If you don’t think you can do it, you’re not going to be able too.

What has football taught you?

  • Football has taught me a lot of life lessons. It taught me how to pick my teammates up and how to be there for people. It also taught me that it’s more than just a game. Football builds friendships and relationships you’ll have for a lifetime. I still talk to teammates from little league because football builds relationships that are different from anything else.

What are somethings you do outside of football?

  • I play basketball in my neighbored. I run around challenging people to one on ones in the street. I’m also trying to learn how to cook certain things on the side too. One thing I’m trying to learn how to cook now is red beans. Its hard, well it’s not really hard it’s just a long process.

How do you prepare for an upcoming game?

  • The running back group comes together in one room. We’ll talk about our game plan and how to handle different situations that may come. And then after that we put our music on and we’re all dancing until it’s time for the team meeting.

Describe yourself in three words?

  • In three words? I can describe myself in two. Hard-working. I think that sets the tone because no matter what I do, I do it full speed. I don’t care if I do it wrong. Plus if I’m going full speed people can’t yell at me.

How would you describe your style of play?

  • I’d describe it as versatile. I can drop my shoulder even though I’m small and I can hit you with a move real quick.

How does it feel to return kick/punts?

  • Its feels good, but at the same time it’s scary because everybody is running at you. But once you catch it your good because catching the ball is the hard part. It easy after the catch because our team practices it all the time, probably more than any team in the country. I’ve gotten hit a couple times though.

Who or what has influenced you the most in your life?

  • My parents. Growing up and seeing them work hard for everything makes me feel like I owe them and I want to give that all back to them. Growing up, I got everything I needed and wanted in life. They just tried to keep me a happy kid, but that’s hard for a parent. Most kids don’t understand how hard that is. Everything in life is not easy. And they work so much to provide for me and my two siblings. I just want to give back to them.

What do you want to accomplish in life?

  • In life, as a man, I want to be the best person I can be or be the person God calls me to be.

Favorite NFL player?

  • I’d have to got with Tyreke Hill. He’s just like me. I watched his high school highlight tape and he played everywhere like me.

Goals for the upcoming season?

  • My goal is to leave a legacy at Catholic. When I leave, I want the people behind me to say “I want to be like that boy.”