September 23, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Cameron Wright, West Monroe High School

Cameron “Cam” Wright is a 5’9 175lbs running back in the 2019 class from West Monroe High School, in West Monroe, LA. This season he rushed for over 1300 yards on 170 carries, averaging 7.8 yards per carry, and 21 touchdowns, with zero fumbles. He also had five receptions for 74 yards and added another score. He is an elusive back, with big play ability, that helped propel his team to a record of 14-1 last season.


Check out his highlight film:

Photo Credit Hannah Baldwin


GPA: 3.8

ACT: 18


When did you start playing football?

I started playing football when I was in first grade, I wanted to play my kindergarten year, but I missed registration to sign up. So I started in first grade for a team called, I think it’s called “Woulsa” now, and I played for Riser, and from there I went to Good Hope, and now I’m at West Monroe.


What is your main reason for playing football?

Just my love for the game, I have a passion for it, I love scoring touchdowns and that feeling, hearing the crowds go crazy, and most importantly playing with my teammates and in front of my fans.


How do you feel your season went this year?

I think it went great, we didn’t accomplish our goals of winning a state championship, but, we came together and still played hard. I’m proud of we accomplished, I’m hoping we do the same thing this year, with a different outcome at the end.


Speaking of goals, what were your goals for this year?

One of my personal goals, was to get 1000 yards rushing, and I accomplished that. I had 1330 yards and 21 touchdowns and I was planning on getting around 15, so I accomplished all my personal goals.


What about team goals?

We won district, I wanted to do that, but championship, that’s the only one that we didn’t accomplish as a team.


What style of play best describes you?

Me, I’m a physical guy, a little shifty, I don’t have a problem blocking, I think I can block anybody. Just a great runner, I learn from my mistakes, I won’t mess up twice. You tell me to do something your way, I’ll do it your way.


What are some of your biggest accomplishments so far?

I was All-Northeast and All-District, I wanted All-State, but I got Honorable Mention for that one, so that’s a start. I’m looking to get that one this year.


What are you currently working on this off season?

This off season, I’m working on putting on a little weight while maintain my speed and get faster. I’ve also been working out, and getting stronger on my bench, and getting that better too.


What was one area that you think you exceled at this year?

Blocking, my blocking, I did a great job at protecting the quarterback this season.


Who are some of your biggest influences?

Slade Bolden, he was one of the guys, he’s at Alabama right now. Jacob Ingram, he was also another one, he played offensive line and he’s going to Central Arkansas, he was always encouraging me. Logan Green also encouraged me to just keep my head up. So is Coach Arledge, he’s my coach, he just coaches me up and tells me to keep pushing, and don’t put my head down.


Do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

Yes sir, most definitely! If you don’t have the right attitude, as a team, you’re not going to play together, and when you don’t play together, you’re not going to accomplish things, and there is going to be fighting and arguing, so you have to have a great attitude.


What do you think one of your strengths is in your game play?

Our coaches, every week they come up with a game plan based on our opponents. It works every week, and they just do a great job of drawing it up.


What your favorite offense to run?

The spread, because it spaces the defense out and it gives me more options, because they’re all spread out and I can pick a hole to hit, at full speed.


What would be a successful season for you?

As a team winning a state championship, my goals personally, having 1700 yards rushing and 25 touchdowns.


What’s your favorite song to listen to pre-game?

Versatile by Kodak Black, I just like listening to it, because it just kind of gets me in my zone before I go out there