November 29, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Cayden Pierce

In this entry of Diamond In The Rough, I will be highlighting West Monroe’s 1st team All-Parish, All-Northeast, and All-District performer Cayden Pierce. The 6’1 and 220-pound fullback/H-back runs a 4.7 forty and maintains a 3.6 GPA with a 24 ACT. On the field, Cayden is a powerful runner who displays good speed for his position and always finishes runs. He is a consistent receiver out of the backfield and an aggressive blocker who understands hand placement and leverage. Off the field, the Cayden has overcome some early life adversity to get where he’s at today. You can learn more about that and see him in action below.

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When did you first start playing football?

I started playing flag football when I was 6 years old. My parents wouldn’t let me play contact football initially, so I played two years of flag football and then got to put the pads on. I actually started off as quarterback, but in middle school I got too big and slow, so they had to find somewhere else to play me. I tried out fullback in 6th grade and I stuck with it up until now. [Do you miss playing quarterback?] I mean no because I love where I’m at. I love the position I’m at now. I couldn’t imagine still playing quarterback and have to sit back there and make all the reads and other stuff.

Why do you love playing fullback?

  • I like hitting people honesty. Well I like blocking people and seeing the ball go right behind me for a touchdown.  Just knowing I did something to contribute to that play, that’s what I like about playing it.

Why do you still play football?

  • I mean it what I love to do. It been my favorite thing to do since I was little. I don’t see a reason to give it up.
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What has football taught you?

  • It taught me how to not be selfish. Football is a team sport. No matter what you do or how well you play it’s about the team. If the team does good, then we’re all gonna be good. Its also taught me toughness. Like if you had a bad play, just forget about it and put it in the past. Because in 20 seconds your going to be going at it again and you’ll have another chance to succeed.

In your opinion what sets you apart from other fullbacks?

  • I feel like its my attitude. When I line up and see what I gotta do. Like this guy is not gonna beat me on this play. Most of the time that’s how it goes. But if I do lose that battle I just shake it off and make sure to win the next play because I know I have another chance.

How would you describe your style of play?

  • I would describe my style as like a block first guy who can get the tough yards. You know helping out the team. Not really getting a lot of carries or touchdowns. Just a hard-nose type of player.

Who’s your favorite NFL Player?

  • My all-time favorite player Mike Alstott. He was a fullback who played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s my favorite because you don’t really see big guys run the football like that. He was really good at what he did. So I try to play like him and I look up to him. I try to emulate his physicality and how he wasn’t afraid of nobody. That’s how I try to be.

Who or what has influenced you most in life?

  • Probably my grandparents, they provide me and have given me the opportunities I have now. So I try to do right by them and live the way they raised me. They influenced me the most since my Mom and Dad weren’t in the picture when I was little. My parents had some issues with the law and my grandparents didn’t want me around that. So they took me into their home and legally adopted me when I was three years old. I don’t really think about it that much though.

What are some things you like to do outside of football?

  • I like to hangout with my friends and play baseball for my school as an outfielder. I also like to play basketball with friends and go eat. You know just typical teenage things.

What kind of person are coaches getting from you?

  • There getting someone that works hard and some who is going to show up everyday and get after it. A person who won’t take anything for granted and someone who is trying to get better everyday.

What are you looking forward to this upcoming season?

  • I’m just looking forward to getting back to the state championship with my team.