October 28, 2021
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Diamond in the Rough: Donald Jones, Jr

Our Diamond In The Rough section is designed to highlight skilled athletes that are flying under the radar that have the potential to possibly play at the next level. Today we will be highlighting Donald Jones, Jr, Broadmoor High’s CB/WR and all around Athlete.

The first thing you notice about Donald is how great of an athlete he is. Within just a few seconds of watching his film you see the big plays being made on both sides of the ball, showing that he can play any skill position on the field at a high level. Donald is a 2-sport athlete for the Broadmoor Bucs. He was named offensive and defensive honorable mention in District 5-5A and is a 3X State Champion in Track. 

He has always had a love for both sports but football holds a special place in his heart. On and off the field he leads by example with his work ethic, drive, and determination. Donald is usually the first on the field and last to leave. He also displays this same drive, work ethic, and determination in the classroom earning a 3.97 GPA and a solid 23 on the ACT. We had an opportunity to sit down with Donald and ask him a few questions about this up coming season, his love for the sport, and where it all began.



What age did you start playing football? 

I started playing football when I was 4yrs old.


What is one thing you want to accomplish during your high school career? 

One thing I want to accomplish during my high school career is to win a State Championship.


What is your biggest accomplishment in football this far? 

My biggest accomplishment during football so far is getting simply getting  better every year I play and seeing the results of the hard work. 


Has playing football ever help with personal problems off the field?

Football and life goes hand in hand they are reflective of each other. They both have taught me to never quit and see it through, whatever “it” is!


During your football career have you had to overcome any obstacles or difficulties? 

Yes, my 8th grade year I broke my leg. It was a major setback. This year, my senior year, I will have a new head coach so we all will have to make adjustments but we look forward to the challenge.


What do you love the most about football? 

I really love the fact that I am blessed enough to play the game I love at such a high level. 


Have there been times in the past where you felt like quitting?

NEVER! Too much love for the game!


Do you consider football to be harder mentally or physically?

I think it’s 90% mental and 10% physical. If you can deal with the mental aspect then the physical will be second nature.


How do you handle wins and losses? 

When we win games I take it as we are getting better. When we lose I take it as something to learn from and just continue to get better.


Who motivated you to start playing the game of football? 

My mother.


In what ways do you show your leadership on and off the field?

To lead by example and keep the team focused. 


Describe yourself in one word?



How long did it take for you to realize you where above average at football?

Since I started playing really. Everyone would tell me they couldn’t wait to see me play in high school.


What can you work on to better yourself as a player and person? 

Just to continue to focus on the mission and be patient.


What NFL CB would you say your style resembles most? 

Jalen Ramsey. You have to love his confidence.


What advice would you give a young athlete would wanted to play football?

Work hard and keep grinding, your time will come.


Do you have a twitter account? Is that the best way for coaches reach out to you?

Yes I do have a twitter account, its @duecex2x. Coaches can checkout my Hudl highlights and see some of my workouts.