May 14, 2021

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Diamond In The Rough: Elinus Noel III

Elinus Noel or “Big E” as he is called by his teammates, is a defensive tackle from John Curtis Christian in New Orleans, LA. Noel proved to be an anchor for the Curtis defensive front this past season having 7 sacks and 15 TFLs. The 2021 recruit has a quick first step and the ability to bench press a center or guard into the lap of any opposing quarterback. After speaking with him, this young man reminded me of former Auburn defensive tackle Marlon Davidson. At 6’2 and 315 pounds Noel maxes out at 535lb squat and 355lb bench press. Noel currently has a 3.85 GPA


So, when did you start playing football?

I started playing when I was five years old, it was a regular league we played teams in our district. In the off season I played for an All-Star Team that played in All-American teams when I lived in Terrebonne.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

Basketball, Baseball, and I started Track and Field in the eighth grade. I ran and did field events. My main events were shotput and discus. I ran in a few meets, we took first, second and third place in a couple of meets. When I ran my event was the 4 by 100 meter, and I was the first leg.

What do you love about football?

Going on the field and being able to hurt the person in front of you and not get in trouble for it. I’m a very aggressive guy, and also a very competitive guy so I like to win, so it being a very aggressive sport is what I love about it. Also it being a team sport, so you become family with your teammates.

What style of play best describes you?

Electrifying, I make plays that most people think that I might not make. I’m a leader, I have a great football IQ, so most of the time I know where the ball is going.

Going back to last year, what were some of your goals?

Last season my number one goal was to make it back to the state championship game and have a repeat. We ended up not making it to the state championship game, but we had a great season.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

My parents, they are entrepreneurs, they are their own bosses.

Do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

Yes, attitude, staying focused, all that comes into play when in its time to play a team sport. Because, having a bad attitude could lose you the game.

What is a strength in your game play?

Speed, agility, strength definitely strength. Because, I’m already stronger than most and I out work a lot of people. So me being strong, and fast, and powerful, and with my football IQ, I’m able to beat 90 percent of my opponents so that a big attribute in my game play.

Right now, who is your favorite NFL player?

Aaron Donald, the Los Angeles Rams

Growing up did you always play defensive tackle or did you play any other positions?

I played offensive line and defensive line. So I always played “iron man ball” I was always the biggest on the field. So it only seemed right for me to play offensive line too. So I just did whatever was needed to help my team win. Once I started going to travel ball I played a little fullback too. I kicked for my high school a little bit too, I was our second string kicker behind Austin McCready. I think the longest field goal I ever kicked was like 35 yards, but that was in practice.

What motivates you the most?

I was taught to be the best at whatever I do, so I always try to work harder. A lot of people underestimate big people. I am not underestimated anymore. My biggest motivation is to be better, work harder, and shine over everybody.

If you weren’t playing football, what sport do you think you would be playing? I would do track. Shotput and discus, I am good in both. I made it to state in both events. I got first in regionals and but when I made it to state I got fourth and fifth place in shotput and discus.

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