November 29, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Hezekiah Neason

Hezekiah Neason, the 12th ranked offensive linemen in the state, is a 6’3, 280 lbs LT from Amite High School. The 4 star prospect graced me with his maturity and determination, allowing his love of football to bleed through his words. Neason was ranked 8.3/10 in overall performance with a 10/10 in handwork, foot technique, skill, vision, and aggression. The adorned big dreamer was also named first team all-district last season.

When was your first time playing football?

  • When I was five years old I played for the Mid Parish Titans little league. My mom was always talking about signing me up for it. I was little nervous at first but when I got there I just started practicing and I liked it.

Why did you start playing football?

  • My mom pushed me into it. My older brothers played too.

When you’re playing Madden, who’s your team?

  • Dallas Cowboys

Who inspires you? What is it about that person that inspires you?

  • Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. I love his work ethic. He works so hard all the time. He loves hitting weights, hitting iron. He said he loves it because he used to work out with his dad and he loved the sound of weights hitting and that’s what inspires me the most

What’s your favorite thing about playing football?

  • Dominating, period. When you playing and you can put somebody on the ground, it just makes you feel good. Like, I really just dominated this dude

What have you learned the most from playing football?

  • Perseverance through adversity. We have guys that don’t play and guys that get hurt. Then there’s other teams that come at our neck (come at us) and during the game you’re always going to have problems during the game so you have to be able to get through that to win championships

Pancakes, waffles, or French toast?

  • Aww that’s hard! Because like that waffle maker is serious, but um I’ll say pancakes.

Do you set goals for yourself each game or each season? If so, what are some of those goals?

  • Each game I set a goal for the number of pancakes I want. That’s what we do, that’s how we push each other. But of course the ultimate goal of every season is to win a championship but that’s what we do every game. Who can get the most pancakes and who can drive people the furthest

What are some things you do during off season to prepare for the upcoming season?

  • Just weights, period. You have to be strong, especially in the position that I play. So I want to get stronger and bigger. I take a lot of punishment so I hit the weight room hard and work on footwork too because I’m going against fast dudes so I have to be able to move

What would you like to major in in college?

  • Business administration. I want to own my own business and of course do football, you know go to the NFL, but football can be taken away at any minute, any second you can lose your career. But I would like to come back to Amite and start a small business. Sports gear type business, sell cleats, helmets, because we only have one place in Amite that sells sports gear right now and they’re limited on what they sell

Neason’s love of his hometown, Amite, LA, radiated through as well. He plans to obtain his business administration degree and open a sports gear business to expand the options of athletes’ gear. The LT is destined for greatness with an education and football mindset.