November 29, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Jaden Carrier

Jaden Carrier is a class of 2021 multi-sport athlete out of Vinton High School in Vinton, Louisiana. He is a 5’10″, 160-pound receiver. Carrier is rated as a 3 star and 5.6 overall. He has great hands, catching everything that is thrown in his direction without wearing any gloves. Speed is another point of strength for Carrier, helping him gain separation from defenders to make clean catches. Carrier is explosive when put in the returner position; his ability to see the lanes of the return is exceptional. He has a 3.48 GPA while playing basketball, baseball, and track.


How do you balance being a 4-sport athlete?

Basically, a lot of working out. Try to stay healthy. I am passionate and patient with all my sports. My coaches understand and help me get through it, too.

Which sport is your favorite?

Football is my favorite. Basketball is second.

When did you start playing football?

A young age, probably around six or seven.

What do you see as your greatest strengths on the field?

Being a good team leader, keeping people’s heads up even when we’re down. We don’t really have captains, but on the offensive side I’d call myself a captain.

What style of play best describes you as a player?

More of a finesse player.

What is your biggest Motivation?

My Pawpaw, that’s my grandpa, he’s always been there for me growing up. He’s like my father figure. He’s the one who introduced me to sports.

Was he a coach?

No. He was like my personal coach, but never a team coach.

What do you like better playing receiver or returning kicks?

Returns. When you’re about to score a touchdown it feels good, like everyone’s eyes are on you, that’s better than being a receiver to me.

What areas are you working on improving?

Route running. It helps a lot when you’re a receiver. Cones and a lot of drills, practicing my footwork.

What are your goals for this season?

Work harder so people will notice me. Being at a small school it can be hard to get recognized. However, my main goal would probably be over fifteen touchdowns this year

What made you decide on wide receiver and corner?

I was kind of put there when I came to high school. I guess because of my size and how athletic I was. For corner the coaches thought I could read the other team’s receivers. Since I play receiver understanding how they play.

I saw in your tape that you do not where gloves. Why?

I feel like once you get used to not wearing gloves it’s a lot easier once you do wear gloves. Especially when it rains. I like to be used to my hands instead of wearing gloves.