October 28, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Jarmone Sutherland Jr.

In today’s Diamond in the Rough entry, I will be highlighting Newman High School’s 1st team all-district and all metro wide receiver Jarmone Sutherland Jr. At 5’11 175lbs, Jarmone is on the smaller side for the position, but he is a PLAYMAKER. He consistently uses his 4.45 speed and long stride to take the top off defenses. He is a smooth route runner who has a knack for finding the soft spots in zones. If pressed, he displays good strength and technique as he usually gets off the line of scrimmage with no problem. When the ball is in the air, Jarmone high points the ball by combining his strong hands and athleticism to make ridiculous catches in traffic. In the classroom, he maintains a 3.1 GPA and scored a 21 on his ACT. Down below I got know Jarmone a little bit as a person and a player.

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How were you introduced to football?

  • Well I’ve always been around football. When I was 2 years old I would always watch my Dad play football games. At a young age, I would always walk around holding a football. I actually started playing organized football at four. But I’ve pretty much been consciously aware of football all my life.

Why do you still play football?

  • An well I mean I love it, but I feel like that is a stereotypical answer. It like having another group of brothers. I really love playing for them, playing for my team. I’m very competitive and I love to win. Football is just my passion and couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Something about the game, its just always been close to my heart. Just being around for so long and seeing the look on my guys faces when we win a big game is everything to me. Winning a big game those group of the guys, my brothers, it’s the most important part of it for me. That why I do everything I can to win for them…and for myself of course.

How do you prepare mentally and physically for a game?

  • I actually just started a routine this year. I want to stay as mellow as I can because I don’t want to be too amped up before a game. So, its basically just rock & roll and country music in the morning. Like old rock and old country music. Just anything that will keep me from getting too excited. My go to artist for Rock & Roll are Luke Byran, Chris Stapleton, Eric Church. For country KGL, Juke Box Hero, and Arrow Smith. After that I tend to eat something small like a sandwich until the team has a 4 o’clock meal. After that I’m listening to music that’s a little more upbeat. After the 4 o’clock team meal I’m doing a lot of stretching and some pre game lifting. Nothing too serious, just something to get my mind right. After that, its probably around 5 o’clock and I’m in my locker listening to my go to music to get hype and ready to play.

In this day and age, wide receivers tend to be 6’2 or 6’3 and 200 plus pounds. How do you feel like your skill set compares to those bigger receivers and what sets you apart from other wider receivers in general?

  • Well I don’t have all those numbers like you said. I’m not 6’2, 225 and all that but I really believe I can play football and at the end of the day that’s what matters. Playing the game itself and not the numbers and all that. Its cool to have all those numbers but if you can’t do the basics? Then what? I really try to focus on the basics. Things as simple as catching the ball, which is my job, but sometimes its harder for some people then others. And just feeling things out and knowing the game I feel like I get open a lot and can make catches that other people can’t. And I use to play quarterback up until 7th grade so I kinda think like a quarterback. And I talk to my quarterbacks and see what they are looking for and do things that encourage them to throw me the football. I just feel like I have a understanding of the game and a natural ability to get open. And I have strong hands.

Any word or phrase that sticks with you?

  • My Dad told me something like this. People who complain about where they are typically don’t make the sacrifices to get where they want to be. He told me to never be that person. Don’t complain about it. Do something about it pretty much.

What has football taught you?

  • To be a leader and how to be a man. And how to communicate to people and make sure we’re on the same page and get them to do what needs to be done. Everyone is different so how you encourage them to do what you need them to do is hard to understand. I can’t talk to my quarterback like I talk to the backup quarterback. How they are mentally is a lot different with their confidence level and stuff. For number 2 and backup wide receivers you can’t really jump them and challenge them because they’ll shut down. Just forming relationships and learning how to communicate to people based off those relationships is the main thing I’ve learned from football.

Goals for the upcoming season?

  • Of course, I want to win state. I’m willing to do anything that needs to be done to achieve that. Anything that comes with that I’m willing to do. That’s my only goal.

Personal Thoughts: When talking to Jarmone, it was easy to tell he is a highly intelligent and a personable individual. He articulated himself well and I could feel he has a real love for his team. Jarmone may be a good player on the field, but he is a even better person that will succeed in his future endeavors.