November 29, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: J’Cobe Scott

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TWITTER: @Jcobescott

A 6 foot, 275 lbs, purple and gold “Hulk” stalks among Hahnville High School’s football field every time J’Cobe Scott is put in the game. The 3 star OL prospect earned the name from his friends during his tremendous weight gain over the summer, peaking 306 lbs. “I was working out 2-3 times a day,” said Scott, “And at first I was like, I’m not that big, but then I decided to go with it.” The adorned OL benches 360 lbs, squats 520 lbs, and cleans 260 lbs. The first-team, all-district player was also named all-metro large school  finalist and strongest man lifting 185 lbs, 24 times on bench. Scott received a 10/10 ranking in the weight and aggression categories.

When was your first time playing football?

  • Five years old recreation , I played up , I was 5 playing 7 and 8 because I was bigger than everybody in my age group

Why did you start playing football?

  • Like I said, I was always bigger and down here in the South especially Louisiana, if you big you gone play football and I fell in love with it. I’ve been playing for 11 years and I’ve always loved it

Did you play any other sports or do any extra-curricular activities?

  • Yeah I played rugby this year , it made me more explosive. I played for the Bayou Hurricanes. I was thinking about starting wrestling and I played basketball for like a year

What is your thought process during a big play?

  • I try to stay calm because once you start overthinking things you start to mess. It’s good to be nervous because the butterflies they help. Me, I’m nervous before every game because it helps me play better and it helps me focus. But I think like I gotta get this done. It’s that dawg in me like I can’t let you beat me. You not bout to beat me, I’m going to win this game for my team

What have you learned the most from playing football?

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  • I’ve learned patience because nothing comes over night . Like people see dudes doing great in football, they in the headlines, magazines, they all over twitter. And they think it happened over night. Like no this started young. This started when everybody was sleep, he was up in the morning doing cardio, doing drills, lifting weights, and then doing it again after practice. And during practice. I learned that you have to build a foundation. You can’t just step on the field and expect to be the GOAT. You gotta work harder than everybody else and then do a little extra after that

If you weren’t playing football what would you be doing?

  • Honestly, talking about football. I love it! I love it more than anything. Like I gotta be around football. I can’t see my future without football. I know I’m going to play because I got drive in me but even after football I’m going to be reporting about football and talking about it

What sets you apart from your competition? Like what would make someone choose you over the player next to you?

  • My attitude, that drive. You can ask any coach that ever coached me, I never quit. I’m not gone stop, quitting is not in my mindset. I don’t even think about it, it’s not an option. I don’t care how hard it is I’m gonna give you 100% even in warmups I’m sweating because I give my best in everything I do. And I lift before and after practice, I work out more than anybody. Nobody got that work ethic like me, nobody.

What is one moment or one game that you will remember forever?

  • Against Zachary , the first drive we fumbled but I was amazed at how we was moving the ball. Everybody was saying we was gone get dominated and didn’t have a chance but we drove the ball on the first drive. Even though we didn’t score we made a statement that we wasn’t giving up

It’s rare to find a player that will give his entire self for his team and is willing to exceed all limits and stop at nothing to ensure outstanding results. Scott has dedicated his life to the sport of football, ensuring me that, “[he] has to be around football. I can’t see my future without it.” In college, Scott plans to earn a degree in either sports journalism or sports medicine, hoping to become a sports television personality or trainer to fellow athletes. His drive and never give up attitude has earned him the opportunity to showcase his talents on both sides of the field in the upcoming season, playing four different positions on both defense and offense for his team. J’Cobe’s willingness to go above and beyond and to do whatever it takes to ensure not only his success, but his team’s, will undoubtedly earn him a spot right at the top. I personally can’t wait to see what fortunate roster Scott’s name will bless in the future.