September 20, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Jeremiah Harris

In this edition of Diamond In The Rough, I will be highlighting 2nd team all-district athlete Jeremiah Harris from Scotlandville High School. The 5’5 and 130lb speedster possess 4.5 speed with recorded maxes of 225lbs on the bench an a max squat of 315lbs. Despite his height, the three star athlete is a force to be recon with. Jeremiah has a knack for getting to the edge on conventional handoffs with ease. Once in the open field, he’s extremely difficult to tackle due to his agility. He’s one of those one cut guys. Guys that can plant one foot, change direction, and get up field in one fluid motion. This skill shines in the return game and makes him dangerous on special teams. As a receiver he is a mismatch for any unfortunate linebacker or safety. He runs crisp routes from the slot or out the backfield and has reliable hands. While Jeremiah is at his best in space, he’s still willing to run between the tackles and lower his shoulder. Off the field he’s a confident and charismatic individual. You can tell he truly believes in himself and will do what it takes to succeed. That coupled with his relatability makes you want to root for him even harder. To learn more about Jeremiah, check out our one to one interview below!


How did you first get started with football?

  • I first got started when I was five years old. I got introduced to it by watching some LSU games and I fell in love with it at first sight. I love everything about the game. The hitting, running with the ball in my hands, and getting tackled. All those things made me love the game. I played wide receiver and cornerback at first. I’m really a defensive player, but they switched me over to the offensive side when I got to high school. They say I’m more exciting with the ball in my hands, so I went with the more exciting position. But I am looking to get back on the defensive side at safety this year to come off the edge blitzing.

Why do you still play football?

  • I still play football because it’s the only way out that I can make. That’s the way I feel. Playing football is the only way I can get my family out the hood.

What is more important to you, the mental or physical aspect of football?

  • I feel like the mental part is more important. I’m not really worried about the physical side. I’ve always been small, so size hasn’t been a factor for me. It’s all about if your smart or not. You have to know what coverage the defense is running, and know what every position is doing each play. Football is a game of inches so it’s mental.

What has football taught you?

  • Football taught me how to overcome situations when life isn’t going my way. Say the game just started and y’all fumble on the first play. How are you going to come back from that? You can’t put your head down and thinking about it all game. You have to turn around and see how your going to make up for it. It just like in life. If you get a brand-new check and loose a hundred dollar. You can’t just mope around and worry about what you lose. You have to go out and make another hundred dollars.

What goes through your mind when the ball touches your hands?

  • When the ball hit my hands my first thought is “is my family going to eat or starve?”. So I feel like if I get the first down, my family eating. If I don’t then my family still starving an I got to keep on going harder.

What is one thing you want the coaches to know about you as a player and a person?

  • As a player I know when times get rough, certain players go in their closet and duck off. For me I go harder. Like if we’re down fourteen; certain players go into their closet and cut it off (stop playing hard). But for me I cut it on more and go harder. I feel like I’m one of those players that it doesn’t matter what adversity I go through. I will get the job done.

How would you describe your play style?

  • I would describe my play-style as a mixture of Tavon Austin and Reggie Bush. I feel like I can do the same things both of them did at the same time. I can go in the slot to catch screens and take it eighty yards. Or I can go In backfield and get five yards a pop from the inside or outside. I feel like my play-style is mixture of a slot receiver and a running back, but at the same time I can take a opening kickoff for a touchdown. I’m a all-around offensive player who can play any position.

Who is your favorite player in the NFL?

  • Tavon Austin and Reggie Bush when he was playing. I feel he (Tavon) was slept on just like I was slept on because of his size and his perception as a speed player. So I feel like people just see me just for speed, but they don’t know that I can do more than just burn you with the ball in my hands. I can get around you, I can run through you, and run past you.

What is something you like to do outside of football?

  • Outside of football I like to go hunting. It takes my mind off things and relaxes me. My favorite thing to hunt is a squirrel because they’re everywhere. I like to hunt deer to, but they’re hard to find because they barley come out. But squirrels and raccoons are my favorite.

Describe yourself in three words?

  • Never Gonna Quit. That me in three words.

How do you prepare for an upcoming game?

  • I prepare for games by watching film Monday thru Thursday for two hours after practice. I watch film on the plays we plan to run against our opponents and see how they usually play certain plays we run. Then before the game on Friday I zone everybody out. I put my headphones in and sunshades on and just zone everybody out till seven. I listen to NBA Youngboy and my brother who just started rapping all day.

Who or what has influenced you the most in your life?

  • I feel like my mother influenced me the most. She always tells me to never give up when times get hard. I also influence myself to go harder and harder. Each day I feel like I’m getting closer to breaking, but I feel like I can go harder.

What are some things you value as a person?

  • I value loyalty from other people. Don’t show any flaws, but if you do have flaws show them when you first meet me. Show them so I can know your flaws and know who you really are. Loyalty is everything.

What do you want to accomplish five years from now?

  • The next five years I want to go to the right college that fits me for fours years. And if God blesses me, then in that fifth year I want to be in the NFL.

Goals for the upcoming season?

  • My goals for the upcoming season is to win a state championship. Then to get over 2,000 all-purpose yards with 15 touchdowns