November 29, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Joshua Parker

In this issue of Diamond in the Rough, I will be highlighting 2nd team all-state and 1st team all-district and metro running back Joshua Parker. The Catholic High product is a 4-star prospect that stands 5’10ft tall and weighs 185lbs. When you turn on the tape, his footwork and balance pop off the screen immediately! He has an outstanding ability to cut and change direction on a dime while consistently finding the holes. Once he’s through the hole, he often flashes a subtle burst to get him past the linebackers and into the open field. Joshua is exceptional after first contact, and often slips out of tackles while managing to stay upright to gain additional yardage. This indicates that he has functional strength and that his max bench of 225lbs and max squat of 405lbs aren’t just numbers. As a person, you get the feel that he is older than he really is. He comes across as very mature and grounded with clear goals and expectations for himself. I got to talk him a bit a learn more about him as a player and person. You can see the details down below.

When did you start playing football?

  • I started playing football when I was four or five. I’ve always had a desire to play the game. I picked up a ball by myself and played ever since.

Why do you still play football?

  • Because I see I have a chance in it. I see that I can make something of myself with it. It something that can help change my life.

What has football taught you?

  • To be grateful for what I have in life. In that you have to work for everything. Nothing is given in football. You have to work for your spot and work to become a leader for the team.

What are some things you like to do outside of football?

  • Service hours and workout to stay fit. I go out to Zachary to volunteer at their food bank. With workouts I’m usually doing power cleaning, bench press, squats, and latter drills. Out of all those things power cleaning is my favorite. Right now my max is around 260lbs.

Do you have any siblings? How do they influence you?

  • I have 7 siblings. We got to take care of each other. We’re all trying to make something of ourselves and help each other out. I don’t play for myself; I play for them and my family. For Everybody. I do that because I’ve seen everything they’ve done for me. The investment that they put into me. And I want to give back to them.
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What some things you value as a person?

  • Integrity. Staying true to yourself and not trying to be someone you’re not. I’ve seen that in people before. I’ve that seen that in my closest friends. So I try to stay true to myself every day.

Describe how it feels to be on the field the during a game?

  • Everything around you…your blind to everything around you and you just focus on the game. I don’t hear the crowd. It’s like a get away space.

What is the most challenging thing about play football? Best thing about football?

  • Staying consistent with it. There are some days you want to quit, but you just can’t. Because you know if you get through those hard times its going to get to a point where its going to be easy. I think about it like, if I can get through this then I can get through anything. The best thing about it is being apart of something that’s bigger than yourself. You can’t play with just one player on the field. Its eleven people on the field  and you have to play for the people next to you─play for the people on the sideline. You know they put in hard work on the scout team to help the team prepare. And the ball means everything and you carrying everybody’s hard work with it.

Favorite NFL player and why?

  • Barry Sanders. He had an ability to not to get hit and going into college he only had two offers. I try to model my style off him. The key to running back is not to get hit or not to give a defender a straight shot at you. That’s how people get hurt easy. So if you can bounce off of tackles and slip through the smallest creases and get the yard you need─or even more─you”ll be good.

What sets you apart from other running backs?

  • I play with a chip on my shoulder. I play for my family because everyone is depending on me.

What are whom has inspired you the most In life?

  • My father. He goes to work everyday and sacrifices everything for us. So to see him not have to work again; I’ll do anything to make that happen.

Describes yourself in three words.

  • Accountable, Integral, Hardworking.

What do you plan to major in once you get to college?

  • Kinesiology with a concentration in Physical Therapy. I want to be able to help people out just like people helped me. If I can do that, It will just be another achievement for me.

How do you feel like your teammates will describe you?

  • Hardworking, Dependable, a Leader. I stay one everybody. All of the smallest details are important. You got to have them or you’ll never get farther in life.

Goals for the upcoming?

  • State championship and to take everything one step at a time. Last year we went to the state championship and lost, so I want another chance at that.

Get to know more about Joshua in the one on one interview below!