November 29, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Justin Agu

Measuring in at 6’1″ and 175 lbs, Justin Agu is a cornerback a part of the class of 2021 from Dutchtown High School in Geismar, Louisiana. Being a versatile player, Agu can also play wide receiver and running back. He is a team captain for his varsity team as well. Having a 3.7 GPA, a 21-overall and a 25 STEM score on the ACT, Justin is smart on the field and in the classroom. Justin Agu is aggressive, can read the field, and is quick on his feet. He performs well with coverage – blocking his opponents from catching the ball during play. With a 40″ vertical jump, Justin Agu also does long jump for Dutchtown High’s track and field team.

How long have you been playing football?

I’ve been playing football since seventh grade of middle school.

Which middle school did you start playing at?

Prairieville Middle School.

When you started playing football, did you start with cornerback and wide receiver or did you learn to play one or the other positions later on?

Yeah, those two have always been my main positions and a little of bit of running back.

So, we can agree that you would consider yourself as a versatile player?


Right. As a person and as a player, what has playing football taught you?

Football has taught me that everything is a team and you need everyone to succeed – not only in the game, but in life as well.

Very nice. From your perspective, what do you love the most about football?

What I love the most is I get to play with everybody I’ve grown up with and we all have fun playing the same game. We all love football.

Enlighten me on this: you play quarterback and wide receiver; you’re currently a senior with great academic standing – are you perceived as a leader for your team?

Correct, I’m a team captain.

Okay look at you go – excelling on and off the field! How would you describe your leadership style?

So, I will do everything to help not just myself, but everybody around me – help them succeed in what they’re doing and train with them to learn to do the right thing.

Now, flipping sides – how would you describe your playing style?

I would describe my playing style as aggressive. I perform an aggressive type of playing style and being able to read the receiver – to know what type of route they’re running; to be able to make a play on the ball.

What would your coaches say about you, as a player representing Dutchtown’s football program?

They would say that I’m a hard worker with everything I do to get better and I’m a confident player.

So, what would your teachers say about you, as a student?

I always participate in class, able to answer the questions when needed, and always working to get the best grades.

I can see that hard work is paying off in your results. Let’s digress from football for a couple questions – to let the readers get to know you off the field, what do you like to do in your free time? What are some of your hobbies?

In free time, I like to go play basketball, hang out with my friends, and play different video games.

Speaking of different games, do you play other sports?

I used to run the 400 meter dash with track. This year I’ll be doing long jump.

How exciting! Besides being an active team captain for your teammates, what would you consider to be your biggest asset on the field?

My biggest asset on the field is I’m able to play any part of the field. I can do anything the coaches need me to do – supporting and positioning the team to win.

So, like we discussed earlier: you are team captain and this is your senior year – the final year to actively play football on a high school level, what some of your goals going into this season? They can be individual goals, team goals, or both.

For my individual goal: I would like to earn all-state honors. Then, for team goal, it’s to make it all the way to the dome.

Do you consider football to be harder mentally, physically, or both? Why?

I consider football to be harder mentally because for my position, you have to have a short mindset. For example, if you mess up on the previous play, you cannot think about that slip up for the rest of the game. You have to bounce back for the very next play. If you keep thinking about something that already happened, then it’ll affect the rest of the game. With a short mindset, you’ll be able to stay focus and play to the best of your abilities.

Right and speaking on the subject of improving that mentality and other aspects of football, what have you been doing to improve your athletic ability during this coronavirus pandemic?

During the offseason, I’ve been putting in extra work on the field and working out.

Do you have a favorite kind of workout or are you more of well-rounded person?

I’m more well-rounded when it comes to work outs.

Okay, I got you. Personally, where do you see yourself playing at on a collegiate level?

I could see myself playing at Louisiana State University.

Oh yeah – geaux tigers! Tell me more about your gamely routine – how do you hype yourself and focus in?

Ways I prepare myself on game days is I go back and watch all the past people that have been through Dutchtown and have made it to the collegiate level. I watch everything that they did to make Dutchtown great and everything I can do to do the same thing.

As a player who’s getting ready to go off to college and play football – I have a good feeling that you will – what advice do you have for the younger players that aspire to play on a collegiate level as well?

Advice that I have is you need to work. You’re only going to get better from working and if you’re not working, then someone else is doing it.

Finally, describe your playing style in three words.

Confident, leadership-mentality, and aggressive.