October 28, 2021
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Diamond in the Rough: Juwan Felix

Iota High School’s Juwan Felix is a 16 year old football beast. Felix is currently a junior and holds a 3.7 grade point average with a score of 19 on the ACT. For many young athletes, playing sports can be used as an “escape” from the pressures of the real-world. Some play sports just because they are good at it while others continue to play until they become good. Both reasons take dedication. When asked why he plays football, Juwan said he is very passionate about the sport. “I just love to play. I’ve been playing for about six or seven years”.

Juwan is 6’1” and weighs 295 pounds. He bench presses 300 lbs, squats 405 lbs, and deadlifts 500 lbs. He holds the position of offensive right tackle on the bulldog’s roster. Felix has been awarded 1st team All-District and All-Parish due to his outstanding athleticism. Along with football, he is a part of his school’s track team and he also powerlifts.

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Juwan’s goal for his senior year is to give his last high school season his all. When I asked Felix what are his plans for college he responded, “I would love to go to LSU or any other D1 school in the state. I don’t want to go too far from home”. His dreams are to study mechanical engineering.

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Just from our conversation I can assure that Juwan’s humble personality along with his undeniable talent will take him very far in life. I’m looking forward to hearing many more great things about Juwan Felix and the Iota Bulldogs!

Instagram: j.g.felix64

Twitter: JuwanFelix

Email: juwanfs12@gmail.com

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