October 28, 2021
"Changing Lives, Improving Communities"

Diamond In The Rough: Kobe Berger


Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/profile/9335665/Kobe-Berger

Kobe Berger is a 6’1, 270lbs force to be reckoned with. His presence on the Thibodaux High School field is deafening even without making a sound as the OL trucks through any linebacker in his sights, making way for his QB to aim down the sights and make a play. And there couldn’t be a better position for such a selfless, caring team player like Berger. Throughout the interview he mentioned multiple times that he alone did not want to succeed, but that he wanted to help his entire team be successful as well. The mobility fluent lineman received an 8/10 in strength, a 10/10 in hand technique, and a 10/10 in aggression.

When was your first time playing football?

  • I’d say my first time truly playing football was in the 7th grade at East Thibodaux Middle School. That’s when I really got into it.

Why did you start playing football?

  • I thought it’d be fun to be a part of something, you know.

What would you say your strengths are, specifically in your position?

  • I would say that I am a very strong player. I play for the team first instead of myself and try not to let down the people next to me. I’d say a good bit of physical strength and a good bit of what I do on the field. I work hard in the weight room, but I do what it takes to get my job done.

What do you think you’ve learned outside of football that helps you or that you use while playing football?

  • I find that I am a very smart person. I make good grades and got a decent score on the ACT and I find that that really helps me. I have a pretty good memory so that helps when remembering my plays and focusing and having an angle in mind.

What is something or somethings that you would like to improve on?

  • I ‘d definitely like to improve on my speed. I’m not entirely slow, but I’d like to be faster, you know. I’d like to break that four mark on my 40. To improve, I do agility training. There’s an agility trainer in my hometown named Ernest Harvey Jr. He’s probably one of the best I’ve ever seen at what he does and I try to work out with him as much as I can. I’ve been training with him since the 7th grade. Like after practice so it’s really been helping me a lot. That is what initially helped me to improve my playing and to be faster and stronger overall.

Do you set goals for yourself each game or each season? If so, what are some of those goals?

  • I definitely try to increase my speed to see how much faster I’ve gotten. I try to see if I can get to a linebacker faster when I have to block at the next level or see if I can get a pull block faster. I try to improve every game and be the best I can be.

What is your thought process if your coach/teammate says “this is all you, we’re counting on you for this win or for these yards”? How do you deal with such pressure?

  • I try to keep calm and just have that I don’t want to let my teammates or my coaches down thought in mind and the best that I can to do it. I don’t just want to succeed for myself, I want to help my team to succeed as well. I strive really hard to accomplish that.

What have you learned the most from playing football?

  • From football you gain a brotherly love for your teammates that you will never forget. And through that bond it really helps you improve overall as a person and a player. It helps you to learn to help and trust others. To work together as a team and just not to want to let that other person down and do the best you can do for that person not just for yourself.

What sets you apart from your competition? Like what would make someone choose you over the player next to you?

  • I feel like I’ve been working to get a scholarship and be the best that I can be at my sport since I started playing football. Since the 7th grade I’ve been working as hard as I can. I put everything I can into my sport. I feel like it really sets me apart from some people that just go to practice and workouts. I try to go the extra mile and do as much as I can to help improve myself in my position.

If you had to give advice to someone who looks up to you or someone who is playing your position what would it be?

  • I would definitely tell them to work out as much as possible and be the best they can be. Give as much as they can. Never quit grinding and most importantly not forget about their grades and to study. Because overall, in the end you can’t go anyway if you have good grades. You have to be good on the field and in school.

Kobe values good grades and an ambitious work ethic and most importantly, teamwork. He is a rare individual, dominating on and off of the field. With his impressive skill set and indisputable mobility, Berger will provide something very unique and significant to an extremely fortunate college/university.