November 29, 2021
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Diamond in the Rough: Obadiah Butler

Obadiah Butler

In this issue of Diamond in the Rough, I will be highlighting 4 star running back/slot receiver Obadiah Butler from Crowley High School. At 5’9 165lbs, Obadiah is never the biggest person on the field, but imposes his will on every game. Boasting a 3.4 GPA, he is a self described playermaker who uses his 4.3 speed to run around defenders regardless of if they have the angle. At the running back spot, he most effective on the outside but isn’t afraid to run between the tackles. He’s shown the ability to make clean cuts in space and break arm tackles. This ability shines when he lines up in the slot. He has reliable hands and is always a threat to score, turning short slants and bubble  screens into 40 yard touchdowns with ease. All of his on field success wouldn’t of  been possible without his perseverance off it. I got to touch on these things with him a little bit throughout interview below.

How did you first get introduced to football?

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  • My dad played college ball as tight end at Arizona State University. I just got it from him and been playing ever since I was small. [How did you end end up as running back when your dad played tight end?] I don’t man…I didn’t get his size, but my older brother got his size.

Why do you still play football?

  • Because I love it. Its the only thing I like to do. Well nah I do play Madden all day. Like I can play with a lot of teams. I can play with any team really. I don’t play any of that other stuff like Fortnite and other first person shooters. My little brother plays Fortnite though.

How do you prepare mentally for a game?

  • I keep telling myself to do my best and go as hard as I can. Try to be the best player on the field at all times. During the day I’m just listening to music. On the way to the game I say a prayer. After the team pray, I always say my own personal prayer when I get on the field on kickoff. I pray for my team to do well, I’m praying for my safety, and i pray again for me to do my best. I’m just praying to be able to be play college ball and reach my dream of going to the NFL. That been my dream ever since I was small.

How do you feel on game day when lights cut on and your on the field?

  • I don’t feel or hear anything! It’s like I’m hypnotized man. People always ask me how I do stuff and how I make plays. I just keep telling people I don’t know. It just happens like I can’t tell you what I do… I just do it. Its been that way ever since I was small.

How would you describe your style of play as a running back/slot receiver?

  • My team uses me more at slot receiver than at running back. They run me a lot, but more so on the outside than down the middle. I can run up the middle though, but they usually just run me on the outside. But for my play style, I would say quick passes. Just get the ball in may hands so I can make people miss in open space. Now if i need to go deep and catch a pass I can do that too. I’m willing to do whatever . I’m a playmaker! Yeah that’s my style of play.

Who or what has influenced you the most in life?

  • Well I don’t know…I’ve always had that motivation. But if I had to say I would have to say my Mom. After my sister died, I’ve got to make sure my Mom gets out the hood and make my sister proud…that’s my motivation. To make my Dad proud and just my whole family proud. But yeah my oldest sister use to always be there for me and provided everything. She used to take care of Mom, pay bills, get our school clothes and shoes he would do it all for us no matter what. So now I gotta do that for my Mom, to get her right and get her away from the violence.

What do you plan to major in once you  get to collage?

  • I been thinking about engineering. I may do that but I also been looking at physical therapy

How do you feel like your teammates would describe you as a person?

  • I feel like they would  say there’s never a dull moment with me. I have a lot of energy off the field, but when I’m on the field its game time. Like I’m trying to take care of business on the field. In practice I’ll clown with you and stuff, but once we’re on the field I’m whole different person. I zone everything out, I don’t even hear the fans.

Whose your favorite NFL player?

  • Tyreek Hill. I feel like he’s more like me…you know he’s speedy and a playmaker.

Goals for the upcoming season?

  • I’m trying to get over 1000 yards receiving and rushing with 25 touchdowns. I came close last year. I had 1000 yards rushing, but only 800 yards receiving and 21 touchdowns.

Parting Shots:

Obadiah has overcame a lot for someone his age. His size and background may scare some away, but he is a good kid who deserves an opportunity. He has the mindset and ability necessary to succeed at the next the level. Whoever lands him will be getting electric player with versatility and young man who is willing to put in the work to be great.