November 29, 2021
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Diamond In The Rough: Ra’Kendrick Baker

Ra’Kendrick Baker is a class of 2021 Running back/Linebacker out of Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana. Baker is 6’2″ and 215 pounds. He is a multi-sport athlete as he is also apart of the basketball and track & field team at Evangel Christian Academy. He is a 4 star and rated at an 8.3. Watching Baker play, you will see that he possesses a quick speed and an amazing field vision. You can also count on him to make a big tackle. He also takes pride in being a great leader for his teammates. Baker has a 3.2 gpa and often volunteers at the nursing home near his school.


When did you begin playing football and what made you want to play?

I started playing football at age nine. My father was the reason I started playing football.

Do you play any other sports at Evangel Christian?

Yes, I play basketball and I am also on the track & field team!

What do you run in track and what is your position in basketball? How would you say they help you on the football field?

I run the 100, the 4×1, and I long jump. In basketball, I player power forward. I feel as if these sports help me as they allow me to get faster and work on my technique. Both sports really help me on the football field.

What is your favorite thing about your position?

I love that I get to carry the ball, score touchdowns, and be a great leader to my teammates. I love the things I can do with the ball in my hands.

Have you always played this position?

This is actually my first year at this position. I still do play linebacker, but I am playing running back this year.

Do you have any specific goals for your senior season?

This season, my main goal is to continue to be a great leader. I also need to be a better teammate so that my teammates can follow and look up to me. A state championship is also a big goal.

What has been the highlight of your football career?

I would say being surrounded by great people and coaches has been the best part of my career. It started when I was little, and it has been very special.

How do you think those people and coaches would describe you as a player?

As a player, they would say I am a hardworking leader. They would say I take my craft very seriously.

What type of things do you do to keep yourself in shape?

I eat healthy and do a lot of yoga. Those two things have helped me a lot. I gained 15 pounds in the last two months and it is nothing but muscle.

What has football taught you about life?

It has taught me that you may face a lot of adversity, but you will always overcome those things. As long as you keep God by your side, everything will work out.

What is your favorite thing about playing football in Louisiana?

I love the energy that fans bring to the game. It is nothing like the energy in those stands.

What would you tell younger players who want to play football in high school?

I would tell them to keep their head on straight. They need to take care of their work in the classroom first. Do not let anyone steer you wrong. If you want to play a certain position, you just need to work.

What would you say are some of your strengths on the football field?

I really love blocking. I would say tackling is my biggest strength. I am a tackling machine.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully, I am getting my college degree and making my parents proud. I also want to continue my football career by playing in the NFL. I hope everything works out.

Have you thought about what you want your college degree to be in?

Yes ma’am, I have been thinking. I am leaning towards journalism or mechanical engineering. I am also looking at physical therapy. It is between those three.

What would you say are three words to describe yourself?

Energetic, fun, and dedicated.