September 23, 2021
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Diamond in the Rough: Reginald Johnson

Reginald Johnson, Southern Lab Wide Receiver. Image cutesy of 247Sports

Reginald Johnson is a 4-star wide receiver with a 3.0 GPA from Southern University’s Laboratory School. He is born and raised in South Baton Rouge and has tremendous success as a wide receiver due to his speed aggression on the field. He rates out impressively, scoring 10/10 in hands, footwork, vision, and agility. Reginald’s performance on the gridiron made him a desirable player and captured the interest of college coaches both in and outside the state of Louisiana. His passion for the game is unmatched and he is looking forward to an exciting senior season and another shot at making that championship game.


When did you start playing football and what made you love the game?


“I started playing football when I was six years old and really seeing how fast I was because it was like nobody could stop me.”



Have you always been a wide receiver or did you start somewhere else on the field?


“Well, I would say I am an athlete so when I got to high school there was so many people on the defensive side like running backs and stuff so I went to be a receiver. I always had the feel for it because I played it at BREC and I wanted to play this position in ninth grade so I have been playing ever since. Plus, I like to embarrass DBs on field.”



What other things do you have, outside of football, that you enjoy doing on your free time?


“I like going to the movies, working out, hanging out with my teammates, swimming, and riding dirt bikes or four wheelers…stuff like that.”



How have you been preparing for the Jamboree against Amite and what are some personal as well as team goals?


“We have been preparing for a while just trying to get everything right. The spotlight is on us right because we lost a lot of players and everyone wants to see how we are going to respond this year. My goals for the game are 4 touchdowns, good yardage, and I may play cornerback so if I do and they throw it on my side I plan on taking it.”



How do you plan on combatting this loss of talent and helping your team be successful this year?


“Keeping everybody’s mind right focused on the goal of getting to state in September and getting that ring. I want to remind them what is really out there for us since we failed in the game right before the championship. I try to keep everything flowing well since there are a lot of young guys on the team especially in the classroom.”



What do you think your biggest asset is on the field?


“I feel I am a go-to guy. Also, my ability to read the coverages on the defensive side when I am the receiver on the line of scrimmage, my speed, and I can really adjust to whatever it is the other team has going on. It is like I can see what is going to happen based on how they line-up. I feel I am different like I never want to come out of the game and once I get the ball it is hard to tackle me you will probably catch me at the in zone”


What are some personal skills you have been looking to improve for this upcoming season?


“I would say my footwork and having clean, strong hands.”


Lastly, who are your role models in football right now?


“Hmmm…I would say Odell Beckham Jr. or Derrius Guice because he is like a cousin to me.”