September 23, 2021
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Diamond In the Rough: Tyler Mansfield

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Ruston High School debuts its senior class of 2020 in the fall and 5’11, 165 pound CB Tyler Mansfield is amongst the flow. Benching 265 pounds with 4.25 shuttle, the 3-star prospect will be making major moves on the field this upcoming season. Last year, Tyler racked up four interceptions, 30 tackles, and three PBUs (Pass Break-ups) and ranked 10/10 rating in four LGF categories including hand technique, skill, vision, and aggression. Even off the field, the senior CB is making a name for himself earning a 3.7 GPA his junior year and planning to major in biology in college. The straightforward, no nonsense prospect is looking to reach even higher heights for his senior season and land himself on a university roster because of it.

When was your first-time playing football?

  • I started playing football when I was maybe in the first or second grade, rec ball.

Why did you start playing football?

  • Because all the other kids in my school was telling me they was gone sign up, so I just signed up.

What do you think you’ve learned outside of football that helps you or that you use while playing football?

  • Just to keep going and don’t give up
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What attributes do you possess that make you a good teammate? What strengths do you possess that would make you a good college athlete?

  • Leadership and high knowledge of the game

What have you learned from playing football? Have you learned anything about yourself?

  • Fight adversary

What is something or somethings that you would like to improve on?

  • Overall improvement, definitely working harder in football and in general

If you had to give advice to someone who looks up to you or someone who is playing your position what would it be?

  • Don’t be afraid of competition or afraid to go towards competition, don’t run away from it

Where do you believe you have made the biggest impact on your team?

  • In the locker room, just hyping everybody up, giving pep talks, being a good teammate

Who inspires you? Why?

  • My momma because she believes in me and never gave up on me

Do you watch film? If so, what do you look for?

  • Yes, I look for mistakes and habits