October 28, 2021
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LSU’s Newest Tiger: Mike VII Begins his Reign

Louisiana State University officially has a new tiger mascot on campus! Last year in October, we suffered a great loss when Mike the Tiger passed away after receiving months of treatment for a rare cancer. As a student, I was saddened by the news and many LSU fans were also devastated but paid homage by leaving notes on Mike’s cage and continuously visiting as they awaited a new Mike. So, the hunt for a new tiger was on! After interviewing a variety of candidates, “Harvey” the new tiger was located and donated from a rescue facility in Okeechobee, Florida. This 11-month-old tiger was quarantined in the night house for several days so that LSU veterinarians could watch him in his new home and ensure that he was healthy.

Luckily for Harvey, when his career from modeling with tourist was over LSU had an opening. Harvey met most of LSU’s criteria and is extremely personable as he should be when dealing with Tiger fans. Although, LSU announced that the next Mike the Tiger would not be paraded around LSU football games as cheerleaders ride his cage, Harvey is the perfect fit for the university in other ways. He is loving, likes attention and loves the water. He isn’t shy either and is known to put on a show for those who visit by coming out of the water to splash his fans.

As a LSU student majoring in Sports Administration and Commerce, I frequently stop by Mike’s habitat when heading to the Cox Auditorium, Huey P. Long Field House and to the PMAC. Late in the evenings, I’ve sat outside by Mike VI while studying for tests and even brought family to visit him. For me, I have always been excited to tell people that we have a live tiger on campus so I’m pleased that Mike VII (a.k.a. Harvey) has stepped up to the plate. He has big paws to fill as many of the students and fans welcome him into this family but with his personality he will fit right in.

In addition to finding Mike VII, the Tiger Athletic Foundation donated approximately $950,000 for renovations and upgrades to the tiger habitat on campus to ensure that he is comfortable. Mike VII will be living the lavish lifestyle as a Tiger with his new synthetic rock that uses glycol to stay cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

On Monday, August 21, LSU officially introduced Mike VII (a.k.a. “Harvey”) as the school’s newest live tiger mascot. Welcome to the family Mike VII!