October 28, 2021
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What’s up Wildcat: Jacob Alford

I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Pineville to visit Louisiana College for the first time and getting to know some of the wildcats. The environment was very welcoming and overall it was a wonderful experience.  

Jacob Alford was one of the players I was able to chat with. Jacob is an offensive lineman standing 6’3” tall and weighing 308 pounds. When asked what he likes about playing for Louisiana College his answer was “the brotherhood”. “A lot of people don’t like the small town. I’m from Baton Rouge but all of my family is from a small place in Mississippi so this wasn’t new for me. I think it’s just the culture up here that’s different for a lot of guys”.

According to Alford, the team is looking good in a sense that they have always had a good offense, just haven’t always been able to finish off games and reflect what they are really capable of doing. He believes things are going to turn around this season. “Learning how to play not only fast but smart and fast is the difference from last year”.

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Jacob believes practicing against the number 5 ranked defense, players such as Cade Maxwell and Brandon Zimmer, has made him a better player. Ultimately, when his college football career is over Jacob wants to remain involved with the sport. Alford’s plans after college are to coach and teach somewhere. He will be receiving a degree in health and physical education with his teaching certification as well.

We here at LGF are looking forward to what Jacob and his teammates have in store for us this season. You will be reading more from the wildcats!

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